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Founder of Joyous Birth Playshops

Gurjeet S Minhas is the founder of Joyous Birth playshops. These playshops are focused on helping the pregnant woman ensure a natural joyous childbirth. The playshops are fun and use methods of accelerated learning. Participant involvement helps them to learn faster, reprogram their mind and body and achieve immediate and permanent change to ensure the resulting joyous birth.

She comes from a family of medical professionals and has her Masters degrees in Gynaec-Obstetric nursing (Bombay, India) and Nursing Research in “complementary therapies used in midwifery” (Sydney, Australia), Reiki, Sociology and English Literature (India). She also has a diploma in Acupressure (India) and Hypnotherapy certification (USA).

Gurjeet has trained with renowned American master hypnotherapist Kevin Hogan, successfully completed the Train the Trainer programs with T. Harv Eker, learnt Reiki from world famous author and American Reiki Master Paula Horan, studied mind power techniques from Canadian author and seminar leader John Kehoe and discovered how to access the powers of the subconscious mind using Jose Silva's method. Her travels across the globe have enhanced her learning and work experience. She has lived for extensive periods in India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada .

She now works in the Family Birthing Unit at the local Hospital .Gurjeet has a passion for pain relief and uses her skills to help her patients and clients who seek her assistance.

Gurjeet is married and lives with her husband and three children in Surrey, BC.

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