Joyous Birth Playshops
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Joyous Birth Playshops

Human birth is meant to be a joyous experience. To emphasize this we have called our training sessions “playshops”and not “workshops” as the latter gives the impression of discomfort, tediousness and hard work. Birthing is not at all meant to be like that; what we wish to highlight is that it can be a spontaneous, pleasurable and joyful experience.

Our playshops utilize principles of accelerated learning and are conducted in a fun environment which makes it very easy to understand and implement the underlying concepts and achieve the goal of a joyous birth.
Rationale for the playshops

The modern childbirth experience is often clouded in fear, uncertainty, horrifying birth stories heard in the past and past unpleasant experiences. This encourages the formation of energy blocks in the body. Lack of adequate prenatal physical preparation, poor nutritional habits and inefficient breathing patterns allows for inadequate oxygenation. This offers a fertile ground for the distress experienced by the laboring woman and an increase in the use of drugs and other medical and surgical interventions. Use of drugs is associated with side effects on both the mother and baby and affects the bonding process in a detrimental manner.The Joyous Birth playshops offer a multi pronged approach for an easy childbirth. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual domains are explored and an attempt made to re-educate and re-align the woman’s body and mind with the natural functioning it was originally designed for. Communication with the baby is encouraged and the baby is made a partner in the joyous birth experience. The partner’s role is defined and his participation and support is encouraged. Preparation of a birth plan paves the way for a relaxed, effortless and enlightening labor experience.

Benefits of attending the Joyous Birth Playshops
Eliminates fear, tension and pain from the birthing process by adequately preparing the mother and her birthing companion during pregnancy.
Minimal fatigue during labor, leaving the mother with the energy needed to bring her baby into the world by reducing the need for drugs and other interventions during labor.
Brings together the mother, the baby, and the birthing companion in a joyous bonding experience.
The birthing companion is an active participant in the birthing process.
Recovery is easy for the mother, and babies adjust well into the family.Being in a profoundly relaxed state can help to shorten the labor. One of the reasons for this is the amazing amount of communication between the mind and body.Because the mind is instructing the body to relax and open and there are absolutely no fears, tension or negative beliefs about the labor, the body is instructed to flow with the birth process and open and release tightness and tension, the entire body is in harmony with the downward movement and opening that can produce a shorter and easier birth.
Techniques used
The Joyous Birth playshops use the following methodologies to ensure its success:
1. Mind power techniques including self hypnosis
2. Methods of accelerated learning
3. Releasing fear and other negative emotions
4. Relaxation through guided imagery, visualization and other methods
5. Special mind reprogramming techniques
6. Physical preparation of the body including prenatal yoga
7. Communication with self, baby and others
8. Achieving vibrational harmony with a joyous childbirth
9. Birth planning
10. Inclusion of the partner in the birth process
What you will discover at the Joyous Birth

Session #1 Introduction and a grounding in the joyous and easy birth process

  1. Brief history of childbirth and the reality of the modern hospital birth today
  2. Learn how your body is naturally designed to develop, nourish and birth your baby with a clinical overview of what happens physically and psychologically during birth
  3. Introduction to the concept and possibility of a joyous easy drug free birth
  4. The laws of the mind and how to use them in pregnancy and childbirth to your advantage
  5. Breathing techniques guaranteed to assist you in pregnancy and labour
  6. Prenatal Yoga: The 5 most important poses required to ensure an easy birth

Session #2 Mom’s preparation

  1. Optimal nutrition for you (toning your birthing muscles) and baby (optimal growth)
  2. How fear affects labor. Learn how to release all fear from your body
  3. Learn why self love is crucial in pregnancy is crucial for a joyous birth
  4. Why it is important to be spiritually connected in order to be at total peace
  5. How to let go of other peoples stories and unleash your mind’s unlimited potential
  6. A PROVEN technique for generating your joyous birth AND you will learn EXACTLY how to apply this knowledge in a specific and easy to follow plan
  7. Prenatal testing and monitoring during pregnancy-Important tests and what they mean
  8. Abnormal signs and symptoms and why you should know about them

Session #3 Dad, Baby, Birth and Beyond

  1. Follow up and recap of session 2
  2. Latest research that will assist with a happy healthy pregnancy and your joyous birth
  3. Everything you wanted to know to ensure total well being and optimal growth and development for baby
  4. How to determine your baby’s well being and be sure that all is well with your baby
  5. Dads will learn about their role in pregnancy and labor including tips and techniques for support
  6. Why writing your own birth plan is crucial to your birth and you complete it in the class
  7. Everything you need to do when labour starts and progresses. Different options available if you encounter a problem situation
  8. Bonding and caring for your baby starting at birth with special tips to keep your baby calm and happy
  9. Putting it all together with cheat sheets for your total preparation and daily practice
  10. An opportunity to ask your pressing questions from the expert and a special gift for you!


Personal Consultation with Gurjeet

Personal consulting is a popular way to join together with a professional who supports you in achieving your joyous pain free birth. All consultants have their own specialized education and life experience. It’s important that you connect with a coach or consultant with whom you feel a resonance. Friends and family may make suggestions and encourage you, but they can only tell you about their experience, which may or may not be helpful for you. You may be pregnant for the very first time and have a lot of fears and unanswered questions or you may feel that something was missing during your previous childbirth and you failed to have the joyous experience you had hoped for.

Personal Consultation

Gurjeet Minhas, Personal Coach, Consultant and Educator

To know my background, education and life experience click here. I openly share my philosophies and beliefs in the articles section.I work with pregnant women from all walks of life. My intention is to provide empowering techniques and life style changes that foster positive change geared to mind and body reprogramming, so it is powerful and result oriented. Together, we work for you, and focus on your needs and requirements to ensure you have the type of childbirth you desire.If you resonate with the ideas expressed here, you’ll likely find that I’m a powerful personal consultant and will be inspired to work with me.

Sessions with Gurjeet Minhas
The session is Just For You, you must be ready to COMMIT to follow the path shown
Personal Coaching/Consulting is a Collaborative Partnership
Your wisdom is within you and I believe in your magnificence
Your preparation is enjoyable and satisfying
Our consultation is 100% confidential
If you would like a personal consultation call 604 726-6043