Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to continue with my visits to my doctor, even after I have attended the playshops?Yes, it is very important that you continue your regular visits to your Doctor/Midwife. Your playshops are an extra tool that helps to prepare your mind, body and spirit for a joyous birth. Your doctor’s visit will help to reassure you that all is well and address any complications along the way. The doctor/midwife can get the necessary tests done and detect any abnormalities/problems in case they occur. It’s also important to track the growth of the baby at regular intervals during your pregnancy. As a registered Nurse, I strongly suggest that you keep your doctor/midwife informed of the extra tools you are acquiring during your Joyous Birth Program. If they have any questions or wish to know more just give them my number and I’ll be happy to speak with them.
2. How do I enroll for the playshops? You have 2 options… Live Playshops & Virtual Playshops… In order to enrol for live playshops, we need to set up a Birth Evaluation Session. In this session we can get clarity around how you wish your Joyous Birth experience to turn out. We’ll also uncover any potential obstacles that may prevent the Joyous Birth you wish. Then finally we’ll go over a customized program for you and get you started. To get started right away; check the dates on our website calendar then call 604-726-6043 or send me a quick email to with your contact information. You must confirm your seat and it must be done at least a week in advance.To register for the Virtual (Online) version of the playshops, we strongly suggest you go through our online 3 part introductory series “Joyous Birth by Design”. At the end of these short videos you will need to fill out the online registration and decide if you need the Express or Standard “delivery” based on your due date.
3. Where are the playshops held?The playshops are generally held at a convenient location in Surrey, BC depending on the group size.  Locations will be updated on the website calendar as soon as minimum enrolments have been confirmed. If you are not able to make a live event, we have convenient online playshops to accommodate any schedule
4. Is it guaranteed that I will have no pain during my childbirth?There are many factors that can contribute to a painless childbirth and some are beyond our control. We guarantee that by following and implementing the strategies to the best of your abilities, you will maximize the potential of a Joyous child Birth. When you participate in the playshop, we equip you with everything you’ll need. Like anything in life, your attitudes, beliefs and your commitment to practicing will determine the end result. Also if you do not see the value after attending the first 2 classes, simply ask and get all your money refunded. We are very clear on the value we provide and offer a complete satisfaction guarantee
5. What if I had a terrible birth experience the last time, will these playshops still help me?Yes, the Joyous Birth Playshops are designed specifically to completely reprogram your mind and body in order to prepare you for the best birthing possible, regardless of past negative experiences. There are many techniques and practices taught in the playshops; some are designed to empower you; some will be helpful in assisting you to eliminate your fears and others will train your body and mind to be fully ready for a joyous delivery.
 6. I am expecting my first  baby and do not know what will happen at the time of my baby’s birth. I am scared and confused with all the things that I have heard from my friends and family. Will these playshops help me?Yes, these playshops will definitely help you to prepare yourself so that you can have your birth exactly as you want it to be. We will uncover your fears and misconceptions and put them to rest. This will leave you in a much better place to learn everything that is important for you to know about your birth and how to embrace it joyfully. After you’ve attended the playshops you will build up a solid protective shield from anything negative that anyone says. It’s important to note that the Joyous Birth Playshops are designed to enhance the maternal bond you have with your baby while assisting in the development of your baby in utero. Your partner will go from not knowing what to do to becoming extremely knowledgeable in how to support you and will be your advocate at the time of your baby’s birth. In short the Joyous Birth Playshops are “the answer” to your prayers.
7. What will I learn at the playshops?The Joyous Birth Playshops are strategically organized to maximize your ability to have the joyous childbirth you desire. There are 9 Modules in total and they cover everything you need to know about having a healthy pregnancy and an easy joyous birth. Filled with tips and tricks, tools and resources for mom, partner and baby, the Joyous Birth Playshops are essential for ANY couple who honours and respects the preciousness of this event. You’ll get a more complete explanation of all 9 modules at your initial free “Joyous Birth Evaluation”, just call 604 726-6043 and check what openings are available.
8. I have some personal questions about my pregnancy and childbirth and do not feel comfortable discussing them in front of others. Is there some other way for me?Whatever you share or don’t share in the playshops is purely voluntary so if you feel that something sensitive comes up that would be important to share with your facilitator then yes, certainly you may request a personal consultation to go over those concern. If however, you are requesting one-on-one personal sessions, they are limited and are only available for special circumstances. One-On-One Joyous Birth program is customized specifically for your needs and priced accordingly. It also includes a 30 day follow up and support service where you can call anytime and clarify any doubts and concerns about your birthing journey. The regular group Playshops will include plenty of opportunities for question and concerns to be answered thoroughly.
9. I am not in a position to attend the live playshops. How can I get the 7 steps to the childbirth  of my dreams? Live playshops offer the MOST benefits obviously because of the group interaction, sharing and practice. If you are not able to attend the live playshops, then you have a couple options; you can purchase our Joyous Birth Home Study Program which allows you to access all 9 modules online along with support material like work sheets, cheat sheets and videos that will get you prepared for the best birthing experience possible. You can also order the e book “7 Steps To The Childbirth Of My Dreams” online from the website. The book is provided as a part of the Live Playshops AND Home Study Program.
10. How much is my investment?We believe the Joyous Birth Experience is priceless and you will too once you’ve given birth using our methods. For the Home Study Program simply select the “Courses” menu option at www.JoyousChildbirth.comFor the Live Playshops, your “Joyous Birth Evaluation” is FREE and this is where we will be able to better assess what your specific needs are for a joyous birth. Space for each playshop IS limited so call 604-726-6043 to see which opening fits best for you. Make sure to ask about our friends and family pregnancy special pricing.