Are affirmations really useful in pregnancy?
Affirmations are a powerful way to influence your subconscious and bring about the desired results. The subconscious mind is a powerful tool that can work both ways if not properly trained. Once you decide on a path of action, the subconscious mind will guide you through it to achieve your end goal, manifested by the communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The following methods of use are suggested.

Repeating affirmations
This can be done in your mind or spoken aloud, but it is essential to repeat the positive affirmations everyday. This can be done ideally in the morning or right before bedtime, as it allows the subconscious to continue working on it even whilst you are sleeping.
Writing down your affirmations
By writing down your affirmations, it is a reinforcement process that forces your mind to focus on it. By imprinting the importance of these affirmations in your subconscious, you are allowing it to be accepted and acted upon. It is also useful to leave the list in prominent areas such as your work space so that you are constantly reminded of the positive thoughts.
. Listening to a self-recorded tape
Over time, you will find that it is more than sufficient to listen to your voice repeating the affirmations. It will then be less important to consciously think of your positive affirmations.
The following affirmations have been found to be uplifting, relaxing and enhancing well being during pregnancy.  They help you to develop a loving bond and a trusting relationship with your baby even before birth. You may use any of the above methods.
I forgive everything and everyone, including myself, who can possibly need forgiveness in my     past and present.
For my baby, I always wish joy, joy and more joy and send love, love and more love.
All the cells in my body are now filled with energy of love.
Love continuously flows in and out of me at all levels and I feel the joyousness always as I radiate love at all times.
My baby is blessed with abundant health.
My baby is whole, my baby is well and my baby is healthy.
My body is healthy and strong and perfectly designed to give birth safely.
I trust in my ability to birth my baby.
I choose a simple, peaceful, joyous and pleasurable birth.
. I am in complete harmony with the joyous birth my baby, I am, I am, I am.
I intend to have a very comfortable and joyous birth and so it is.
. I entrust my joyous birth to my creator, being aligned with my divine power and choose divine love to guide me in my joyous birth at the correct moment.
My mind is relaxed and therefore my body is totally relaxed.
I am focused on a smooth, easy and joyous birth.
My muscles work in complete harmony and therefore my birth is so easy.
I deepen my relaxation as I move further in labor and feel a natural anesthesia flowing through my body.
I breathe slowly and evenly, inhaling peace, exhaling tension.
I open like a rose, in my own time and way.
I enjoy the process of birth as I easily give birth in joyful bliss.
My baby cooperates with me at every stage and moves gently and easily to be in my arms and into this welcoming world.
I accept my baby as god’s gift to me and welcome my baby with joy.

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