The 5 Secret  Simple ways to prepare yourself, enjoy your pregnancy and have an easy birth!

By Gurjeet S Minhas RN, MSN

Dear New Mom to be

Are you expecting for the first time and feel increasingly concerned about the negative media messages and rising use of drugs and c sections?

Have you heard horror stories from your friends and family members who relate their birth experiences to you in vivid graphic details?

Would you like to keep yourself relaxed without heading deeper into stress and overwhelm?

Then preparing and empowering yourself is your next step

Without wasting time let us dive into the 5 secrets that will help you know the truth related to having an easy relaxed birth and how you can easily take control and empower yourself.

Secret # 1

Using your Mental Power to your advantage

The way you direct your thinking on a daily basis is key to the type of birth you will get to experience.  Thinking that something will go wrong or wishing that your birth experience will go well is not the way to go about preparing yourself.

One way to keep your thoughts positive is to spend time with positive friends only. Refuse to listen to your friend’s horror stories and walk away by excusing yourself.  Walk away from TV, radio news etc which are generally all about disasters and bad things that have happened.

Secret # 2


“Modern culture has created an atmosphere of fear, anxiety and negative conditioning around birth, that a woman cannot access her natural birthing ability.”

There are many ways in which you can keep yourself relaxed and you know best how you can keep yourself calm and feeling good. Listening to enjoyable music, walks in nature, massage are a few of them.  When you are relaxed, your body functions well and your baby benefits too.




Secret # 3

Good Nutrition and Hydration

Do you take time to drink clean water and eat healthy foods or do make your pregnancy an excuse to eat all the junk food in large quantities?  You only require 300 more calories every day.  In fact your iron, calcium and vitamin requirements have increased and therefore a multivitamin and mineral supplement is a good idea. Since your blood volume has increased to provide nutrition to baby you will need to drink extra water too.  It is important to eat salads and fresh fruit juices, along with nuts/eggs and meat to supply your body with the nutrition it requires. There are certain foods to be avoided and certain herbs that help to tone the uterine muscles.



Secret #4

Proper Exercise and Breathing

There are certain yoga poses that help to strengthen the pelvic floor, inner thigh, back, leg muscles.  This is very important to position the baby, strengthen and tone the muscles involved in the childbirth process.  Walking is a very good exercise for toning your body muscles.

The breathing exercises provide the body cells with the oxygen they require and the cells function optimally.  In addition there is a breathing technique that assists you with pain relief during labour. In general it is a good idea to do focused deep breathing on a daily basis.



Secret #5

Taking personal responsibility for your birth

 Some women believe in certain myths that do not serve them.  eg “I am prepared for birth because I have read books and watched videos and listened to stories from my friends and family” or “My partner/friend/mother/sister will support me during birth and so I am OK” or   “My Doctor/ Nurse know what is best for me, so I really don’t need to do anything”.

The ultimate responsibility lies with you and you need to prepare yourself, learn from someone who has experience in childbirth matters and has gotten good results themselves with their techniques. Passing the buck does not serve any one and it is you who is at the receiving end.  Do not take yourself and your health so lightly. It is your responsibility to learn from the best and prepare yourself for your birth.


ask yNow ourself

Do you really love and care for your baby and yourself?
Do you want to take responsibility and prepare yourself for your baby’s easy relaxed birth without drugs or pain?

Do you want to learn from the best?

You have 2 choices


1. Joyous Birth prenatal preparation Playshops

2. Personal Consultation for specific concerns

To take control and truly prepare yourself in all ways visit  or call 604 726-6043 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            604 726-6043      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Gurjeet S Minhas

(India, Australia), Certified Hypnotherapist, specialising in alternative methods of healing and pain relief.  Worked in the Nursing field in India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.  Faculty in the Nursing program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and RN currently working in the Family Birthing Unit at Surrey Memorial Hospital with 33 years of nursing experience.



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