“Why you really need to prepare yourself for an easy natural childbirth and how your baby benefits too”!

Hi! I’m Gurjeet S Minhas, certified hypnotherapist, registered nurse, and a Joyous Birth instructor and I’m so glad you decided to read this! If you want peace and more control of your health during your pregnancy AND desire to have an easy joyous labour, if you’d like to enjoy your pregnancy and birth rather than suffer through it, then… you’ve reached the right place.

I absolutely LOVE what I do and I help pregnant women achieve the birth they had only dreamed of. Get rid of all the distractions around you right now and focus on this Report because this could change your life! So, let’s get started….!

The information you’ll learn can make the difference between worrying about the type of birth you will have to one where you’re sure about what you really want and how preparing yourself during pregnancy can help you easily experience it!

Let us first look at the actual state of affairs when you have a c section and compare it with what happens during a normal vaginal birth without drugs or pain when the mom has the support of her own baby and the preparation of her mind body and spirit!


Type of Birth C section Normal Prepared Vaginal Birth
As nature intended No Yes
Drugs and narcotics Yes No
Side effects and drug related complications for mom Yes No
Spinal/Epidural (via a needle in the back)along with the associated complications Yes No
Abdominal incision Yes No
Risks of major surgery eg infection Yes No
Pain during birth No No
Pain and use of drugs after birth Yes No
Perineal tearing No May or may not
Effects of drugs on baby Yes No
Good bonding with baby Difficult Yes
Breast feeding problems Possible Rare
Mucusy baby Possible Rare
Chances of a repeat c-section Yes No
Recovery period Long Short

Benefits of a normal vaginal birth

Mothers who feel safe, confident and well prepared have their hormonal state support the process rather than fighting against it. Labour is not perceived as being a trial, it feels like an athlete who is giving all and trying the hardest. Labour and birth are often the hardest physical work a modern woman ever has to do, but can also be the most rewarding. It is also widely acknowledged that the baby plays a part in deciding when the time is right to be born. The passage down the birth canal also gives a baby a wonderful all-over massage that wakes up various systems in the body. The baby is often peaceful, quiet and relaxed. The bonding process between mom and baby gets a head start.

A mother who has experienced a natural birth is usually able to walk unaided after the birth and can begin caring for her baby straightaway. She feels stronger, both physically and emotionally and becomes involved in family life within hours of the birth and can get back to normal daily life within just a few days. Mothers are able to drive very soon after the birth. There is a wonderful
sense of achievement and peace, of strength and control, of health and completeness, of being able to cope and get on with life in general. The whole family benefits and it is a positive experience for everyone.
Normal, straightforward, intervention-free, healthy, natural birth is still the safest, most practical and advantageous way for a baby to be born and mothers are usually able to approach subsequent births with excitement and eager anticipation that they will be privileged to go through the process again.

WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it comes to getting ready for birth

  1. Expecting your Doctor/Midwife/Nurse to ensure that everything goes well during your pregnancy and birth
  2. Putting the responsibility of your baby’s birth on others
  3. Postponing the preparation for your easy birth

Now let us explore some facts related to pregnancy and childbirth.


Current Facts:

  1. Pain and other problems in labor are caused by tension due to fear, anxiety, previous negative programming and a lack of preparation of the body and mind. This inhibits the body’s natural ability to release essential birth hormones (oxytocin and endorphins). This not only increases pain levels, but also raises the risk of medical intervention and the need for major pain-killing drugs and epidurals
  2. Your mind has been conditioned by the media and others to believe that birth is painful and complications can easily occur
  3. Your emotions, especially any fears you have, could block the energy in your body from flowing freely and thus cause problems during pregnancy and childbirth, these emotions also have a detrimental effect on your baby
  4. Drugs taken during labor could prevent mother and child bonding after the birth, say scientists. Swedish researchers have found that painkillers prevent the new-born from breast feeding normally. By reducing the amount of trauma to the baby during this process, it is potentially possible that you will produce a happier child, and a more fulfilled adult.
  5. You could involve and partner with your baby during pregnancy and the birthing process.
  6. Your birth partner can be involved and be a pillar of support for you through your pregnancy and birth.
  7. Your beliefs determine the birth experience you have
  8. The rate of c sections is above 30% in most hospitals in BC (Canada). It can be as high as 50% in some hospitals. Modern culture has created such an atmosphere of fear and anxiety and negative conditioning around birth.
  9. Your body is naturally, designed to conceive, nurture and birth your baby with ease and joy. You need to know the time tested and proven ways to prepare yourself, your baby and your birth partner for what is truly your birth right –an easy joyous birth!
  10.  Birth is the epitome of womanhood and you can experience it as you choose to, you can either leave it to chance or take control and responsibility and prepare for it so it is smooth sailing for you and enjoy every bit of this wonderful experience you are now a part of.

We live in an information age. And most times, we let too much of it into our lives. There’s plenty of information relating to pregnancy and childbirth on the internet and it can be confusing at times and really overwhelming. However, information is valuable, but only up to a certain stage.

What matters most is PRACTICAL INSTRUCTION.

If you are now sure that a natural easy and joyous birth is what you truly desire, then I am here to help you with the Perfect Solution:
Having helped countless women all over the globe (India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada) give birth in hospitals and homes, I developed the Joyous Birth Prenatal Preparation Program, which is a unique total prenatal preparation program that is result oriented without any fluff.
The playshops/classes for you and your partner are fun and use methods of accelerated learning. Your involvement helps you learn faster, reprogram your mind and body and achieve immediate and permanent change to ensure your baby’s easy relaxed birth without drugs or surgery.
“I am 36-years-old and recently had my first baby. Everything went fine and she is growing and healthy. Looking back, I was extremely afraid of the pain anticipated during my labour and delivery process, despite the prenatal class and literature I read in preparation. In my last trimester, I came across Gurjeet’s great wisdom and wealth of knowledge on the ‘Joyous Birth.’ I focused on ways of releasing my fears and negative emotions. I achieved this by utilizing various relaxation techniques, including guided imagery, visualization, breathing techniques, and meditation. It also helped involving my partner in this process. Next time, I intend on resorting to the ‘Joyous Birth’ methodologies again. These were very inspirational and encouraging for me.” Janice Gill
I met Gurjeet during my second pregnancy. I was greatly impressed with all her teaching regarding pregnancy and labour techniques. Being a registered nurse on the birthing unit, I had thought I knew it all. But I was mistaken. The communication techniques helped me bond with my baby and I could sleep better. The yoga exercises helped me get rid of my leg cramps. The joyous birth preparation helped me breeze through my labour and I had no tearing either! Every mom to be should attend the playshops, I highly recommend them. Pawandeep Dhaliwal
Now if you truly love and care for yourself and your unborn baby, you owe it to yourself to follow through If you are one of the smart people who truly want the best for yourself and your baby and wish to take back your power, get all your questions answered and totally prepare your mind, body and spirit for a joyous birth, then

I invite you to explore the website www.joyousbirth.net for more information about the joyous birth playshops
Still wondering what you should do?
I’d like to offer you a FREE 15 mins consultation with me because quite frankly, that’s one way to make a valued, informed and educated decision.

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You will be totally convinced (both in a theoretical and practical experiential way) as to the effect and results of the Joyous Birth Prenatal Preparation. There’s a lot of great work we can do together. If you truly value yourself and your baby, do not wait, visit www.joyousbirth.net for more info OR call 604 726-6043 to register for one of the upcoming playshops
You have absolutely everything to gain and nothing to lose
What will you choose?


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