Knowing what to expect gives you Power

Knowing what to expect during childbirth is important

Preparing for the birth of your baby can be an overwhelming and exciting task, particularly if you have never been through the childbirth process before. It can be scary to think about going into labor, worrying if you will know for sure when the time comes, scared to be alone during the process. But now, there are many options for making childbirth easier, and the birth of your child shouldn’t be quite so scary. There are many ways to prepare yourself for the birth of your child, you just have to choose which path to follow, and who’s advice you want to take.Your OB, GP or Midwife, can talk with you more about the birthing process, and can help you know what to expect. During routine exams throughout the pregnancy he or she will try to answer any questions that you may have, and provide you with booklets and videos that give you more information about pregnancy and birth. Your spouse or other loved one can come along with you to your appointments, to keep up with the progress you are making, and to ask any questions, or voice any concerns that they may have.There is lots of information available, and of course, you can always enroll into a childbirth education class, which may be offered at your local hospital or area. These classes have been designed to help both the mother and her coach learn what their role will be during the birthing process, and also to provide support and knowledge to those who are worried about labor and delivery. If you choose to attend a class, you will find out more about what your options are during the birth, and how to develop your own birth plan, so that your doctor/midwife knows what you want. You may be taught different birthing positions that can help during labor, and relaxation techniques that you can use during your pregnancy to help provide comfort.Many hospitals and birthing centers offer guided tours for expectant parents, where they can tour the facility, and ask any questions they may have. This is a good time to talk with the staff, find out how open they are to your birth plan, and decide whether or not this is the place you want to have your baby at. If the staff doesn’t seem open to adhering to your wishes, then you might want to look at other options, before registering.Even if it is your first pregnancy and you do not know what will happen during the birth process the following facts will guide and empower you into being more conscious of the birthing process and assist you in asking the right questions and making the right decisions.
1. Every woman deserves the right to hear the truth about birth. The decisions that women make concerning their birth should be based on the truth rather than fears and misconceptions.
2. Mothers are not the enemy of their babies and babies are not going to harm their mothers during the birthing process. Mothers and babies are symbiotic units, and if left alone, would know what to do. Women know how to give birth. Birth should not be a time in a woman’s life when she has to fight for anything. Birth should not be a battlefield. Birth is not the act of rescuing a baby or a mother from death. The pain of childbirth that is alleviated by chemical means holds some potential risks for the baby and the birth process.
3. Birth belongs to women and not to their birth attendant. Women should stop giving their power away and recognize that they are their own authority — Midwives, doulas, nurses, doctors and childbirth educators are paid health care personnel.Keep the above facts in mind at the time you are giving birth and allow the people around you to help and support you rather than make independent decisions without your consent.Childbirth classes can be a great way to learn more about pregnancy and birth. There are lots of resources available online and at your local library. The more you learn about the birthing process, the more relaxed you will be when your time comes. So, whether you take classes, or just do some research on your own, it is important that you know what to expect during delivery. If you are really interested in knowing all there is to achieving a pain free, drug free and joyous birth and empowering yourself totally, then it is a good idea to attend a Joyous Birth Prenatal Preparation play shop in your area along with your partner or read the 7 steps to the birth of your dreams and start implementing the strategies laid out for you to be fully empowered for your easy birth.


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